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Friends Only...

My LJ is now friends only, apart from my posts for my music videos. But if you wish to be added just comment, and I'm more than happy to add you :)

27 June 2007 @ 02:56 pm
I promised green_wing that I would create, and upload clips of Matt and Ted from Heroes. So here are the clips I've uploaded so far. Anyone is welcome to download these if they want :)

Notes and Info, please read before downloading...Collapse )

Ep 22 - ClipsCollapse )

Ep 21 - ClipsCollapse )

Ep 19 - ClipsCollapse )

Ep 18 - ClipsCollapse )

Ep 17 - ClipsCollapse )

Ep 16 - ClipsCollapse )

I'll add more clips/ep's later on in the week :)
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22 June 2007 @ 12:43 pm
I should have posted these ages ago. But because I've been having problems with my left ear for ages now, where everything just sounds weird. I'm not confident about timing issues, etc in the vids, well mainly the Remaster. But I can't keep putting it of. So...

Must Be Dreaming Remastered (Now contains all DVD footage)
Song Title - Must Be Dreaming
Artist - Frou Frou
Fandom - Star Wars
Pairing - Anakin/Obi-wan
Syponsis - Perception of dreams of reality.
A/N - Beta'd by the lovely ms_3m, thank you *hugs*

Download WMV 58mb version here, and DivX 62mb version here.

I'm gonna crosspost this vid to ewan_hayden and sw_fanvids.

Song Title - I Can't Decide
Artist - Scissor Sisters
Fandom - Heroes
Pairing - Claude/Peter, Matt/Ted, Sylar/Mohinder (Everyone gets a POV)
Rated - R (for various words in the lyrics)
A/N 1 - Many thanks to ms_3m and the_muppet for the beta *hugs*
A/N 2 - I'm still not happy with this vid, I mean I'm never gonna be happy with it. It doesn't feel as structured as most of my vids are, and the pov is over the show - which is all Matt and Ted's fault >_< Also it doesn't flow the way I want it to either. But anyway, I do think there are a few good parts in the vid ^^

Download WMV 36mb version here.

Well I hope you enjoy! ^^

Comments are always welcome, and loved! :)
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Screen caps of images that flash through Sylar's eyes before painting the image of himself and Peter...because I can not leave well enough alone. I'm thinking this might be of interest to those that have watched How to Stop an Exploding Man, well I think it might anyho. I think Sylar knew what was going to completely happen, also there are a few flashes that I can't figure out ^^ I think tiredness has got the better of me :/

The follow cut will contain Spoilers for Heroes 'How to stop an exploding man' - Sylar's vision.

This is so not dial-up friendly...Collapse )
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I'm posting this vid on my LJ, as my hubby doesn't have a LJ account...and I want to pimp his first vid :D

Vid Info

Song Title - Wonderboy
Artist - Tenacious D
Fandom - Urusei Yatsura
Main Character/s - Mendou, Ataru
Vid By - Shutaro-San (Yep that's my hubby)

Format/File size: Wmv, Two qualities available.

Download : LQ 23.5mb link here.
Download : HQ 53.9mb link here.

Comments/Feedback are always welcome! :)

Now I really need to finish one of my own vids ^^
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17 July 2006 @ 01:07 pm

Most of these icons I'm not happy with at all! :/ But anyway here are the icons I've made recently (and not so recently)...

[9] Pyro From Xmen 2/3
[3] Doug from The Hills Have Eyes
[3] Aaron Stanford
[1] Will from Traveler
[6] Kingdom Hearts 2


More...Collapse )
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